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Willetts Middle School Testing Schedule 

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Tues April 19th LA part 1

Wed April 20th LA  part 2


Tues  April 26th Math part 1

Wed  April 27th Math part 2  

Thurs May 5th Soc Stud part 1

Fri May 6th Soc Stud part 2

Tues April 12th LA part 1

Wed April 13th LA part 2  

Thurs April 28th Math part 1

Fri April 29th Math part 2

Thurs April 14th LA part 1

Fri April 15th LA part 2

Thurs April 21st Sci part 1

Fri April 22 Sci part 2

Tues May 3rd Math part 1

Wed May 4th Math part 2


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This award is honored to student who demonstrate the PRIDE expectations in the following areas based on evidence within the classroom and around the school.

PERFORMANCE: This student demonstrates PRIDE Performance by:

  • Having outstanding grades in all subject areas

  • Participating in class

  • Completing all assignments on time & with high qualityj

  • Going over and beyond basic expectations  

RESPECT: This student demonstrates PRIDE Respect by:

  • Being polite and courteous to peers and staff

  • Treating others the way they would like to be treated

  • Having a positive attitude

  • Showing acceptance and tolerance of the differences in people

INTEGRITY: This student demonstrates PRIDE Integrity by:

  • Being honest & sincere

  • Showing leadership at school and in the community

  • Having a good attendance record

  • Doing what is right when nobody's watching

DETERMINATION:  This student demonstrates PRIDE Determination by:

  • Attempting all parts of each assignment

  • Showing growth or improvement

  • Displaying self-confidence

  • Persevering through obstacles and challenges

EFFORT:  This student demonstrates PRIDE Effort by:

  • Doing their best on all assignments

  • Having a “can do” attitude

  • Achieving at or above their level

  • Being self motivated

Willetts PRIDE Students of the Month  
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