• Assessments = 90% (test, quiz, project, any other assignment graded for correctness)
    Work Habits = 10% (homework, Weekly Workouts, any other assignment graded from completion)  
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Mrs. Stanovcak
Grade/Subject: 8th Science
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Parent Email Updates

Hello parents!

I wanted to give you a snapshot of what is going on in science from now to Winter Break  

12/9/13 – Reading and Taking Notes on Fossils & Relative Age (Sections G4.1 & G4.2 from book)

12/10/13 – Discuss notes from Monday

12/11/13 Mini Quiz on G4.1 & G4.2, Early Workouts #16 due, Radioactive Dating Notes

12/12/13 – What’s Up Activity with Fossils and Dating of Fossils 

12/13/13 – Extra Credit Due Date for Research Paper (Final copy directions are on the website!!) In class work time for final copy of research papers, Weekly Workout 16 Due

Students who turn their paper in early (due at the start of class) will receive at least 10 extra credit points and will be working on a non-fiction reading passage during class time.


12/16/13 – Review Radioactive Dating & Begin the Geologic Time Scale

12/17/13 – Geologic Time Scale In Class Activity

12/18/13 – TEST: Over material from 12/9 – 12/17, Early Workouts Due

12/19/13 – In class Snowflake Activity



1) Some students still have to complete their current event assignment for the quarter – the schedule is on the website

2) Research Paper: Final due date is 12/20 at the start of class (There will be no work time in class to finish)

a. Final paper must be typed (directions online) 

b. Students will need to turn in: the rubric, notecards, rough draft and typed final copy

          c.  This is worth 130 points! It counts as an assessment grade – therefore the main grade of this quarter

d. Students who do not turn their paper in on 12/20 will lose one letter grade PER SCHOOL DAY LATE! If students are not attending school on 12/20 they must turn it in before then to not lose points.

 3) End of the 2nd quarter is January 9th (4 days after we return from break) all assignments completed after break will go towards 3rd quarter grades


 If you have any questions please let me know!

Happy Holidays!

Mrs. Stanovcak