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BELOW you will find a brief description of topics we discussed, homework, and any assignments collected/returned for each day's class.  The Blog entries may also contain attachments you can access from home and a picure slideshow of our daily activities. 

Please forgive any spelling/grammatical mistakes.  They are a sign of intelligence.......right????

  • Wednesday, October 1st

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 10/1/2014
    Over the past two days, the students have been exploring the ways that we can use seismic waves (earthquakes) to collect information/observations about the Earth's interior.  Students are predicting how the seismic waves SHOULD behave as they travel through the Earth AND also how the seismic waves ACTUALLY behave as they travel through the Earth interior.  We will be comparing both sets tomorrow/Thursday.
    ASSIGNMENT:   Seismic Wave Analysis
    HOMEWORK:  THEORISTS- Finish Calculations
                                 SEISMOLOGISTS- Finish Graph
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  • Monday, September 29th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 9/29/2014
    We began class reviewing the article from last week and used that as a means to begin our notes on the Earth's interior.  Students already have a basic understanding of the layers and their characteristics from the Household Earth activity from last week.  We just formalized what the students needed to have taken away from that content.  Some of the classes began a lab investigation studying seismic waves as they travel through the Earth.  This is a very informative and involved investigation that does a GREAT job of letting the students know how seismic waves can be used to give us details about the Earth's interior.  More details/pictures to follow.
    ASSIGNMENT:  Notes - Interior of the Earth and Intro to Seismic Wave Analysis
    HOMEWORK:  None 
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  • Friday, September 26th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 9/26/2014
    We wrapped up the article that we began yesterday with an analysis of the positives, negatives, and challenges associated with a $1 billion dollar journey to the mantle.  The main purpose of this discussion was to emphasize the fact that what we think we 'know' about the Earth's interior is found through indirect methods and addressing the current struggles with trying to directly observe the Earth's interior and it's layers.
    ASSIGNMENT:  Article, Details and Discussion 
    HOMEWORK:  None 
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  • Thursday, September 25th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 9/25/2014
    We wrapped up our planetary differentiation notes in class, before discussing ways that they believe we come to know "what we think we know" about the Earth's Interior.  Students then read an article (if we had time) about a possible drilling project with the goal of reaching the Earth's mantle (which we have not yet been able to directly observe).  We will wrap up this article/discussion tomorrow!
    ASSIGNMENT:  Planetary Differentiation Notes and Article
    HOMEWORK:  None 
    I also posted the pictures from our Item Analysis on Tuesday, where students brought in household items to represent each of the layers/zones of the Earth's interior that we will focus on.  Each group shared and discussed each of the items that they selected. 
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  • Wednesday, September 24th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 9/24/2014
    Today students turned in their Layers of the Earth scale models.  We also wrapped up our notes on Planetary Formation (posted below).  Nothing else that is really exciting today.  Tomorrow we will discuss the layers of the Earth and some of the important details about each.
    HOMEWORK:  None
    ASSIGNMENT:  Planetary Formation Notes -  CLICK HERE
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  • Tuesday, September 23rd

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 9/23/2014
    Today was the final attempt to bring in the required materials to represent each of the highlighted layers/zones of the Earth's interior.  We went layer by layer and students shared what they brought in to represent that layer and what characteristics they have in common.  Students shared ALL of their items with their groups and only select items with the entire class.  Students did a great job and really had some great examples of how their items related to each layer!
    ASSIGNMENT:  Similarities - Items vs. Earth
    HOMEWORK:  Scale Model due TOMORROW! 
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  • Monday, September 22nd

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 9/22/2014
    I apologize for my lack of blog updates during the course of the last week.  Early last week we wrapped up a movie and began notes on planetary formation.  I was out of school at the end of last week unfortunately so I didn't update the assignments that we worked on in class.  Today we reviewed the two assignments that we worked on (both focusing in on the visual representation of the Earth's interior).  
    Assignment #1 - Students conducted some background research about each of the main layers of the Earth's interior (should be a review of some sort) and then were prompted to bring in 7 household items that share a common characteristic with a specific layer or zone of the Earth that we will be focusing in on (Oceanic Crust, Continental Crust, Lithosphere, Asthenoshpere, Mantle, Outer Core and Inner Core).  These assignments were due in class Today!  If students did not bring in these assignments, they do have tomorrow to bring them in for partial credit.
    Assignment #2 - Students began work on a Scale Model of the Earth's interior last Friday.  We shrunk the Earth and its layers proportionally to get the 4 main layers of the Earth to fit on a standard, paper plate.  Today we reviewed the expectations and some points of emphasis.  They had the remainder of class to wrap up the construction. I will post pictures of their work, but didn't get any of the process (sorry).  These models are due WEDNESDAY by the end of the school day.
    HOMEWORK:  Bring in 7 Items (if not already done so); Finish Scale Model (due WEDS) 
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  • Monday, September 15th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 9/15/2014
    Today we watched a great video (a rarity for my class, but well worth it) on the formation of planets and sprinkled in plenty of questions, discussion, and content.  Students kept track of interesting facts and important information during the course of the video, to supplement our class discussion/review.  We will wrap up the video/discussion tomorrow as we continue our notes on Planetary Formation.
    ASSIGNMENT:  Extreme Planets Video (How the Universe Works Series) 
    HOMEWORK:  None 
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  • Friday, September 12th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 9/12/2014
    Happy QUIZ DAY!!!
    Today students took their first quiz of the year.  We spent a lot of time reviewing key concepts/skills that are very relevant and should have been a review from previous science experiences (matter/mass/volume/density/measurement/tools/units/etc.).  A number of labs and investigations helped us review and improve our skills and understanding of those key concepts/skills.  Today's quiz tried to allow for them to demonstrate those abilities.  There were two portions; 1) was a short traditional quiz that consisted of both multiple choice and extended response questions; 2) was a more active skill based station where students had to make accurate observations (qualitative and quantitative) using appropriate tools.  
    ASSIGNMENT:  Quiz (completed and turned in)
    HOMEWORK:  None

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  • Wednesday, September 10th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 9/10/2014
    We wrapped up day 2 of our Density Exploration.  I will be collecting thier lab sheets tomorrow at the beginning of class after a brief discussion.  We will briefly review some of the key concepts that will show up on their QUIZ FRIDAY!  Be sure they study their notes!  There will also be a lab station part of the quiz where they will have to make quantitative observations of various objects using the appropriate tools and units.
    ASSIGNMENT:  Density Exploration
    HOMEWORK:  Finish Density Calculations (if needed) 

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