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BELOW you will find a brief description of topics we discussed, homework, and any assignments collected/returned for each day's class.  The Blog entries may also contain attachments you can access from home and a picure slideshow of our daily activities. 

Please forgive any spelling/grammatical mistakes.  They are a sign of intelligence.......right????

  • Friday, August 22nd

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 8/22/2014
    Today we finished up our observation stations and reviewed the investigations, going over possible quantitative and qualitative observations for each station.  We will be focusing in on Mass and Volume specifically next week.
    Assignment:  Observation Stations
    Homework:  None 
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  • Thursday, August 21st

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 8/21/2014
    Today we reviewed the definition of observations and the two different types of observations that we make (quantitative and qualitative).  Students practiced this by using various scientific tools and working to describe various materials/objects at each station.
    ASSIGNMENT:  Observation Stations (to be continued)
    HOMEWORK:  None 
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  • Wednesday, August 20th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 8/20/2014
    We are beginning our year of science with a problem-solving activity where students were challenged to construct a human bridge while following specific limitations (in order to increase difficulty).  Students were broken up into teams of 9-11 students.  The goal was to emphasize the steps involved in solving any problem, the importance of communication and the necessity of team work in achieving an objective.
    Students did a GREAT job stepping out of their comfort zone, into some 'interesting' positions! 
     ASSIGNMENT:  Human Bridge

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  • WEDNESDAY, August 13th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 8/13/2014
    Well, just deleted all of my blog posts from the previous year and looking forward to another great year.  FYI I am currently sitting in the back of my classroom, in the dark working out the details of our first few weeks of school (silently wiping the tears from my eyes) and writing this very post.  
    In general, the goal of this blog is to help inform parents (and students) of what the students are currently doing in my class by providing a description of class activities, occasionally photos of that day's class, any assignments that were collected/distributed and any homework that may have been assigned.  My goal is to do this every single day, but I am far from perfect.  I may get caught up in the craziness of the year at times, but I will do my best to limit those instances.
    See you all on Monday for a nice full week to start the year off right!! 
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