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BELOW you will find a brief description of topics we discussed, homework, and any assignments collected/returned for each day's class.  The Blog entries may also contain attachments you can access from home and a picure slideshow of our daily activities. 

Please forgive any spelling/grammatical mistakes.  They are a sign of intelligence.......right????

  • Tuesday, January 27th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 1/27/2015
    We finally got to work on our Radiometric Dating Lab activity in class today.  Students were to analyze various 'Samples' and make appropriate observations that allow them to accurately determine the ABSOLUTE AGE of 6 different 'Samples'.   The data collection was a bit tedious but in the end, did a great job of representing HOW we can figure out the age of certain types of rocks, fossils, etc.
    ASSIGNMENT:  Radiometric Dating Lab
    HOMEWORK:  Finish Calculations - Determine Ages 
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  • Monday, January 26th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 1/26/2015
    Happy Monday!  Today we wrapped up/reviewed our notes on HOW we can determine the RELATIVE AGE of rocks and events that characterize the rock record.  We will continue to work on practice interpreting rock layers and events in preparation for a quiz early next week.  Tomorrow we will be running through a simulation to demonstrate HOW geologists can determine the ABSOLUTE AGE of rock layers, fossils, etc.
    ASSIGNMENT:  Notes - Age of Rocks
    HOMEWORK:  Finish Faunal Succession Wkst. 
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  • Tuesday, January 6th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 1/6/2015
    Projects were due TODAY!  Given the craziness of a break in between the assignment of the project and it's due date, I was please with the near 100% completion rate!  These projects are absolutely awesome!  I will be posting some pics later this week of their creativity and hard work.  Tomorrow will be a show and tell day for the projects, very informal.
    Projects were checked for completion and submission and we wrapped up our Constructive/Destructive Force Notes.  We will be moving into another project for the end of the week, that will not be so 'freestyle' and will not require any parent stress (hopefully)!  
    ASSIGNMENT:  Notes - Constructive and Destructive Forces
    HOMEWORK:  None 
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  • Monday, January 5th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 1/5/2015
    Welcome Back to reality!  Today students got their groups for the week and we had our much needed Pump-U-Up Monday song to welcome us back.  We reviewed the expectations for their land form project, which is DUE ON TUESDAY this week (TOMORROW)! So far they look great!
    We wrapped up class with some notes on Constructive and Destructive forces and their effects on the surface of the Earth! 
    ASSIGNMENT:  Review and Notes
    HOMEWORK:  Project and Research Due Tomorrow! 
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  • Monday, December 15th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 12/15/2014
    Today we reviewed the key aspects of the landform model that they will be constructing.  We had some technical difficulties, so the rubric and guidelines were not available to the students to take home.  We reviewed the key details to allow for adequate information to begin the brainstorming process.  We did have some time in the computer lab to a)  continue the required background research and/or b)  begin planning/brainstorming for the 'final product', which is a visual representation of their landform.
    We will have a mini quiz tomorrow over the various effects associated with the movement of the lithosphere's plates.  Information based on a web based activity that we completed at the end of last week! 
    ASSIGNMENT:  Project Intro/Planning
    HOMEWORK:  Project Research and Study Green Web Activity 
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  • Landform Project - RESOURCE

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 12/11/2014
    Below you will various resources that can be used to aid in the research of your assigned landform.  Good Luck!  
    Note:  You will likely have to find additional resources to satisfy the requirements of the worksheet.  These resources are simply a guide to get you started!
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  • Wednesday, December 10th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 12/9/2014
     Class Activity for Today - Quick Links
    Today, students navigated through an interactive website working to familiarize themselves with some of the various EFFECTS of the movement of the lithosphere's plates.  This introduction will lead into a more specific, project-based task of creating a visual representation of an assigned 'effect'.
    ASSIGNMENT:  Plate Tectonics Web-sheet
    HOMEWORK:  Finish the Web-sheet
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  • Thursday, December 11th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 12/10/2014
    Today, students were introduced to their Plate Tectonic Landform Project.  Students will be conducting research to inform themselves of the processes involved in the construction of an assigned landform that results from the movement of the lithosphere's plates.  The assignment for today is directing the students' research, working to emphasize key details about THEIR landform.
    ASSIGNMENT:  Project Background Research
    HOMEWORK:  Finish Green Web activity. 
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  • Wednesday, December 3rd

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 12/3/2014
    Please click the link below to access the NEW online practice tests that are being offered by the Ohio Department of Education.  
    These practice tests are being used to introduce students to the types of questions and skills that the students may be exposed to during their 8th grade state assessment.   
    Below is a link to the scoring guide/rubric for the 8th grade Science Performance Based Assessment (PBA).  Please feel free to review the correct responses and some of the scoring samples. 
    Below is a link to the scoring guide/rubric for the 8th grade Science End Of Year (EOY) Assessment.  Please feel free to review the correct responses and some of the scoring samples. 
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  • Monday, December 1st

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 12/1/2014
    Welcome Back!
    Students were challenged to sum up their mini-vacation with one word and the word choices were quite interesting!
    Today, we reviewed our Convection Current Mini-labs from before break and took notes, working towards a better understanding of how we believe the lithosphere's plates move!
    We will have a small quiz FRIDAY!  Convection Current Notes AND Section Note Cards have been updated on the website!   
    ASSIGNMENT:  Mini Lab Reflection and Notes
    HOMEWORK:  None 
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