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BELOW you will find a brief description of topics we discussed, homework, and any assignments collected/returned for each day's class.  The Blog entries may also contain attachments you can access from home and a picure slideshow of our daily activities. 

Please forgive any spelling/grammatical mistakes.  They are a sign of intelligence.......right????

  • Thursday, May 1st

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 5/1/2014
    Welcome to the final month of school!  I figured that I would try to start fresh this month and get going again with my blog (even though I have lost a large number of my followers due to some inconsistency)!
    Today, students took a quiz on Genetics and Inheritance.  We have spent the last two weeks investigating how 'parents' pass on genetic information to their offspring and how that genetic information translates into physical traits.  This will wrap up our unit on human genetics and reproduction.  
    ASSIGNMENT:  Quiz - Part 1
    HOMEWORK:  None 
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  • Monday, April 7th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 4/7/2014
    Welcome Back!  Today we reviewed our notes on Natural Selection/Evolution and did a worksheet investigating the effect that this process has on the species population.  We will focus on some general observations that will help provide some insight into the idea of species evolution tomorrow.  
    ASSIGNMENT:  Review and Worksheet 
    HOMEWORK:  Natural Selection Worksheet (started in class)
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  • Thursday, March 27th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 3/27/2014
    Today we wrapped up our Woolybooger lab investigating the survival of species and the factors that can lead to a gradual change in species over time (evolution).  We reviewed our data and began taking notes on natural selection, which we tried to represent with a modified and very intense game of 'Spoons'.  The aim of this game was to simulate the process of NATURAL SELECTION:
    1. Too many individuals and NOT ENOUGH resources
    2. Leads to COMPETITION for Survival
    3. Competition brings out/highlights the VARIATIONS that exist
    4. Nature SELECTS certain traits as beneficial to survival. 
    ASSIGNMENT:  Notes on Natural Selection / Survive
    HOMEWORK:  None 
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  • Tuesday, March 25th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 3/25/2014
    We began a lab simulation investigating the survival of a fictitious species called the Woolybooger (type of sloth).  These organisms had different types of hands to gather food with.  Students were challenged to collect a certain amount of food in a limited amount of time with the 'hands' they were assigned.  Each generation marked some sort of shift in the population, dictated by the reproduction of the surviving individuals.  When it comes to survival, things get a bit crazy!
    ASSIGNMENT:  Save the Woolyboogers!
    HOMEWORK:  None 

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  • Monday, March 24th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 3/24/2014
    Science CAP assessment for the first part of the day.  I only saw my 7th and 9th periods today, so we stayed low key and watched/discussed clips of a video about evolution of species (of the eye specifically).
    ASSIGNMENT:  CAP Assessment and Video
    HOMEWORK:  Rest - Social Studies Test is WEDNESDAY
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  • Friday, March 21st

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 3/21/2014
    Today, we did a final (quick) review for the CAP post-assessment that the students are taking on Monday.  Students took a pre-test version of this test in September and this will measure student growth (even though we still have a quarter of the school year left!).  Be sure to get some rest over the weekend and eat breakfast on Monday!  GOOD LUCK little sprouts!!
    ASSIGNMENT:  Review
    HOMEWORK:  None - Sleep and Eat!!!! 
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  • Wednesday, March 19th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 3/19/2014
    Today students began a Web Activity on fossils and the fossil record.  This activity is going to provide them some background information on the fossil record that we worked on earlier in the week.  Majority of students did not finish in the class period, so they will need to complete the remaining portions of the activity outside of class time by FRIDAY this week.  
    ASSIGNMENT:  Fossils/Fossil Record Web Activity
    HOMEWORK:  Finish Web Activity for FRIDAY 
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  • Tuesday, March 18th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 3/18/2014
    Today, students wrapped up their work on the Construction/Analysis of the Fossil Record (analyzed a fictitious organism).  We have discussed the geologic time scale (history of the earth) and are now wrapping up details on how we are able to develop such a surprisingly complete history based  n observations we gather from the rock record, fossil record, ice core samples, etc.  We will continue with the importance/use of the fossil record as we move into our Life Science standards (reproduction, inherited traits, natural selection....).
    Today's ASSIGNMENT:  Fossil Record Construction/Analysis
    HOMEWORK:  Finish GREEN Analysis Sheet
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  • Thursday, March 13th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 3/13/2014
    Today, we played a review game in preparation of our quiz tomorrow over the Age of Rocks.  We used a website called 'Kahoot' that is structured similarly to the games you play at certain restaurants, where the faster you respond correctly, the more points you earn.  Students used the iPods to submit their responses to the questions presented on the SmartBoard.  All the classes LOVED it!
    HOMEWORK:  Study Notes on Age of Rocks! 
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  • Tuesday, March 11th

    Posted by Buddy Wolf at 3/11/2014
    Today students wrapped up their rock columns and began working on a worksheet on the Relative Age of Rocks.  The rock columns were arranged in order based on relative age (oldest on bottom) and were able to do this through the use of various index fossils and a geologic time scale.  Students that finished up early were exposed to various 'Age of Rock Challenges' trying to make observations and use various principles of geology to determine past events.  
    ASSIGNMENT:  Finish Rock Block Models and Worksheet
    HOMEWORK:  Green Age of Rock Activity (started in class) 
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