Wednesday 10/30 Test/Classify triangles

Thursday 10/31 Congruent Triangles

Friday 11/1 SAS, SSS, ASA

Video Lesson
Triangle Quiz
You must complete the following  quiz before Friday, your score will go into 10% of your grade.  
- Enter the test ID 1411207828 for 4/5, 5391207829 for 7/8
-Enter your student ID
-You must use either Firefox or Chrome the quiz won't show up in Safari
-You will need to zoom in and you only need to do the first ten questions
-If you want a second chance at the quiz here is another one, I will take the best of the two quizzes:
4/5 - 8921231850
7/8- 8711231851 

Monday 11/4 SAA and HL

Video Lesson

Wednesday 11/6 Review


Friday 11/8 Quiz/CPCTC

Video Lesson
p. 240 # 10 -22 

Monday 11/11 Proofs

Tuesday 11/12 Proofs

VIdeo Lessons

Wednesday 11/13 Proofs


Thursday 11/14 Proofs

Class assignment

Friday 11/15 Quiz/ triangle inequalities

Video Lesson
4.8 wk - Monday in class assignment

Monday 11/18 Hinge Theorem

Video Lesson
5.6 C wk - Tuesday in class assignment

Tuesday 11/19 Review

Triangle Test Review 1 - Wednesday in class assignment

Wednesday 11/20 Review

Thursday 11/21 Review

Assignment is posted under Wednesday
Also try the practice test for additional work 

Friday 11/22 Review

Monday 11/25 Review

Come to class with all assignments completed and ready for any questions you have since Wednesday.  There will be a study session after school today!

Tuesday 11/26 Triangle Test