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Jeff Neuman

Classes Taught:   
AP Statistics and Honors Geometry
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 Login to Pearson Math Materials

Log In Instructions to Pearson Math Materials:

For the Pearson Realize
(Math Textbook)
2.   Log in using your computer log-in:   first initial, middle initial, last name, graduation year
         Example:   lrjames2002
Note:  if there is no middle initial, use a * 
3.   Password is the student ID
4.  Select your class
5.  Complete the three parts of your profile.
For the MathXL For School (Homework and Practice Problems)
1.  Click on the following link:
2.  Under Register, click student
3.  Agree to the privacy policy.
4.  For the "Do you have a Pearson Education Account?" question, click NO
5.  Log in using your computer log in (same as above)
6.  Password is the your initials followed by your student ID
         Example:  LJ123456 
7.  Enter the access code from the board in the classroom. 
8.  Complete the required information using your full name.  
      Be sure that the email address is accurate.  Remember the s.
      Enter the zip code as 44212 and choose "other" for the school and complete the information.
9.  Verify your information and choose Login.
10.  Click on Enter MathXL
11.  Be sure that the top bubble is filled in (taking a course)
         Enter the Course ID provided by your teacher.
         Click Enroll
12.  Begin working on the orientation questions under "Upcoming Assignments."