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QUALIFYING EVENTS: Contact Linda for any changes due to marriage, divorce, birth, death, adoption are qualifying events.  You need to contact Benefits within 30 days of a qualifying event in order to be eligible for certain coverages.   You are also obligated to alert Benefits with any changes in regard to Working Spouse insurance changes and/or insurance obtained by your dependents.  Contact Linda at 330 273 0203 if you have any questions.
Helpful Contact Numbers:
You can find a provider by going to Medical Mutual at or
   Medical Mutual Contact Numbers are:
      General Assistance:  1-800-382-5729
          24/7 Nurse Line:   1-888-912-0636
          **All review of claims for payment/denial must be requested within 180 days of claim determination**
       Dental - General Info:  1-800-833-7027
                     Dentemax Line; 1-866-336-8251 
                         - Not required to utilize a Dentemax Provider.      
                         - Discounts apply to in-network Dentemax provider.
     Express ScriptsPrescription:  1-877-842-2879
            (Register, Review & Order)
        Caution: Auto refill can cost you and district excess dollars, if you do not cancel
                medicines that your physician has you discontinue or change.
     Vision coverage is through Vision Service Plan: or 1-800-877-7195
      (an eye injury would be Medical Mutual; Vision screening is VSP)
     VSP Contract
Annual Stipend for Physical Exam
To be eligible for the 2016-2017 school year stipend, the date of your exam must fall between June 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017.
Your physician must verify that you had an annual physical exam.  A note on a prescription pad is sufficient.  Send the original physician's note.  Please do not send copies of lab work.  You may send the verification when you receive it.
The alternative to seeing your family doctor is to attend one of the health screenings scheduled during the school year.  You are not required to do both.   
Documentation must be received in Benefits no later than June 1st of each year.  Per negotiated agreement language, "No incentive shall be rendered for payment if verification is not received within dates required." 

Contact Information

Linda Serafin 
Employee Benefits Coordinator
Phone: 330-273-0203
Fax: 330-273-0507