Department Overview

The Business Office major focus is on the responsibility of coordinating the day-to-day operations of all the buildings within the district.
The Business Office handles the business operations of the school district including business services/purchasing, personnel matters for the support staff (non-teaching) employees, facility rentals, transportation, safety and security, fleet,property and liability insurance, facilities and maintenance, food service and building construction projects.

The following departments are overseen by the Director of Business Affairs: 


  Building Services

  Classroom & Media Services (aides and monitors)

  Food Services

  Maintenance Services

  Pupil Support Services (special education paraprofessionals)

  Secretarial Services

  Student Transportation Services

Contact Information

S. Grida
Salvatore D. Grida
Director of Business Affairs
Phone: 330-273-0204

M. Kelly
Melissa Kelly
Support Staff Personnel 
Phone: 330-273-0204
Fax: 330-273-0507

B. Pritschau  
Barb Pritschau
Office Secretary
Phone: 330-273-0473
Fax: 330-273-0507