Mrs. Cheryl Carlisle
6th grade Math and Social Studies
Phone: 330-273-0402

Cardinal Policies



1st and 2nd periods no homework:  quiz Friday
7th period quick check tomorrow and shading quotient
of a fraction and a whole number homework
Social Studies:
Complete Cornell notes for all types of government
Study for quiz 01/22
Discussion questions on video "Brainwashed"


Math League

Visit www.onlinemathleague.com and try out the practice tests.  Use username: jjakub@bcsoh.org and password: math to log in.
Log in under your name to compete.  If you requested a code your results will be presented under a code, but you 
must log in under your name.
You can also visit www.mymathuniverse.com/cmp3 for extra review and helpful videos.