Mohican Outdoor School Trip
October 14- 17, 2013
Parent & Student Meeting- August 30, 2013 at 9:00am in the school's cafeteria!
We understand many of you are waiting for an official cost of the trip.  However, we want to explore & utilize every possible cost reducing avenue available.  Therefore, we are working to finalize the cost of the trip. 

We encourage you to visit Mohican's website for information about the trip and school.
Decision Note- please send back to school or email back to Mrs. Minch!  Thank you
are due Friday, September 20, 2013
Non-Prescription and Prescription Medication Forms and Medicine are due the morning we leave. 
(You are welcome to send the forms in early if you would like, but please bring medicine the morning of the trip.)
Your child's doctor is required to sign the any prescription.
Mohican Store 
Mohican does have a store the students can buy snacks and sourvenirs.  Each student will have their own checking account through the Mohican School Bank; which Mrs. Minch and Mrs. Kirby will be teaching the kiddos how to use their checking accounts before the trip.  We ask that NO more than $40.00 go into your child's account.  Please send in the money before October 4 to the homeroom teacher.  The student's cash is no good at the store, so please do not pack any cash in the luggage.
 Please review the attached store list and discuss with your child the expectations you have for their spending.  Example:  I expect you to buy a t-shirt, but also a souvenir for your brother and sister. 
Click on the Suggested List for the necessary items to pack and be most comfortable!
               Please remember, long pants and waterproof boots are worn all day long!  
Label each item and do NOT use garbage bags as luggage.  Garbage bags do not last during the loadings and unloadings!