Hickory Ridge Elementary

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Camp Nuhop Outdoor Education Trip
November 17-20, 2015

Parent & Student Meeting- September 8, 2015 at 6:00pm in the school's Multipurpose Room!
We understand many of you are waiting for an official cost of the trip.  However, we want to explore & utilize every possible cost reducing avenue available.  Therefore, we are working to finalize the cost of the trip. 
We encourage you to visit Camp Nuhop's website for information about the trip and school. 
Decision Note- please send back to school or email back to Mrs. Minch!  Thank you

Camp Nuhop School FORMS
~ click on the forms below, complete each one,  send into your child's homeroom teacher by Wednesday, October 28, 2015
Jessica Canfield (Brunswick School Nurse) is attending Camp Nuhop this year.   
She is requesting medicines are due to the classroom teacher by November 3, 2015 (Parent Conference Day).
Prescription Medicine:
   1. The medicine form requires a doctor's signature.
   2. Send the exact amount needed for the duration of trip.
   3. Original medicine container.
   4. Medicines & medicine forms due by November 3, 2015.    
   5. If your child already has this form in the School Office for the medicine taken at school, an inhaler, or an epi-pen, you do NOT need to fill this form out. If you are    unsure, please contact Jessica Canfield at jcanfield@bcsoh.org  
 We are aware of circumstances in which prescription medicines may be unavailable by November 3rd.  In that situation, please notify Mrs. Minch (dminch@bcsoh.org) and Nurse Jessica Canfield (jcanfield@bcsoh.org) via email for arrangements. 
Non-Prescription Medicine:
   1. Original medicine container (displaying label of dosages). 
   2. Medicine and medicine form are due by November 3, 2015.  
We understand illnesses and coughs can develop at the last minute.  Should you need to send medicine please contact Mrs. Minch or Jessica Canfield for last minutes arrangements. 
PAY PAL Information
You are welcome to pay by check (made out to Hickory Ridge).
You are welcome to pay by Pay Pal.
Packing Time
Click on the Packing List  for the necessary items to pack and be most comfortable!
               Please remember, long pants and waterproof boots are worn each day, all day long!  
Label each item and do NOT use garbage bags as luggage. 
Garbage bags do not last during the loading and unloading!

Departure Day
Who: All Fifth Graders attending Camp Nuhop
Where: Hickory Ridge Cafeteria for Check- in and luggage drop off
                                                                                                  When: Tuesday, November 17, 2015  
  Arrival Times
           Last Names beginning A-L at 9:10 
           Last Names beginning M-Z at 9:20
                     What: Parents you are welcome to give last minutes hugs & kisses, before we depart around 9:30am!