HUDDLE 2016-2017
    (Helping us Develop Dedication, Leadership & Enthusiasm)
    HUDDLE Selection for 2019-2020 will begin in February.  Please pick up (West & East Office) and return your HUDDLE application from February 25th through March 8th (No late applications will be accepted. You can also print out the application by using this link  HUDDLE APPLICATION



    By acting as role models and presenting lessons designed to build resilience by increasing self-esteem and confidence, the HUDDLE leaders hope to present alternatives to alcohol and other drug use for the elementary students.  They also hope to help them to say “NO” to peer pressure.



    The HUDDLE leaders will receive intensive training and be prepared to enter the elementary classroom.  In teams of four, the leaders present eight monthly lessons to elementary students in 5th grade classrooms in the schools.  The topics of the lessons deal with issues such as peer pressure, tobacco, cooperation, listening, bullying, and put-downs.  The HUDDLE leaders prepare and present the lessons to the same class throughout the year.  They tailor their presentation to the group they work with, using what they feel works best and what they’re most comfortable with.  The HUDDLE leaders receive feedback from the elementary classroom teacher after each lesson.



    Students submit a formal application and finalists are then interviewed by the HUDDLE advisor.  Students must be tobacco, alcohol, and other drug-free, be involved in school and/or community activities, have average or above average grades, and be comfortable talking in front of groups.  Once selected, the HUDDLE leaders are asked to sign a “no-use” contract, which is then signed by their parents, the High School Principal, and the huddle advisors in a formal huddle induction ceremony.  The selection of HUDDLE leaders is, perhaps, the most important predictor to the Huddle program’s success. 



    The HUDDLE Program has been revised annually for the past 10 years.  The lessons have been well received in the school district.  The elementary students and their teachers are very enthusiastic, as are the HUDDLE leaders.  The HUDDLE leaders also act as a leadership group at the high school and help in planning alcohol awareness campaigns.  Many HUDDLE leaders have indicated that the experience of preparing a lesson, presenting the lesson, and gathering feedback has been just as useful to THEM as to the elementary students they are impacting.

    Miss. Fulkerson      
    Mrs. Marshall