First grade uses the E, M, P, and I grade scale.


    E=Exceeds the standard

    M=Meets the standard

    P=Progressing toward the standard

    I=Does not meet the standard


    Each assessment counts in the overall grade, but they all count in different ways.

    • Tests count most heavily because they are a final assessment that occurs at the end of instruction of a given concept or skill
    • Classwork/Observation/Effort counts less heavily because it occurs throughout the learning process while lots of support is being provided.  This may include work that is completed together or partially together and partially independent.  This is the "practice" portion of your child's learning.
    • Homework counts the least because it is a reflection of how actively engaged your child is in the learning process and the effort that they put into it.  Homework is meant to be an interactive experience between you and your first grader.  It is expected to be correct and complete since you complete it together.