Financial Advisory Committee

  • The Financial Advisory Committee (FAC) is an independent group of citizens comprised of both employees and non-employees dedicated to the review of data that is pertinent to operation of the school district. The main focus of the committee consists of reviewing the district's operational budget (Appropriation Resolution), the district's annual five year forecast, and other comparable data provided by outside sources, including the Ohio Department of Education, the Auditor of State's Office, and other state agencies.

    The committee is currently comprised of:

    Barbara Armour
    Cynthia Bova
    Todd Fischer
    James Horn
    Matthew Kemmann
    Shirley Maki
    Donald Moll
    Dan Morris
    Calvin Powell
    David Wadsworth
    Tracy Watkins

    Meetings are held at the Board of Education Offices and the agenda items are included on this part of the website and are public record.
    If you are interested in being part of our Financial Advisory Committee, please contact our CFO/Treasurer, Mark C. Pepera at

Meeting Schedule

  • Monday, December 18, 2023 @ 5:00 pm