• September 15 - 19, 2014
    We are reading a story called "What About Me?" and learning about theme and how to sequence events from the story.  We have been using the words: First, Next, Then, and Finally to help organize our sequencing.
    Students are finishing up a paragraph about a power outage or stormy weather in Brunswick.  We will be spending this week revising and editing them using our acronym, CUPS (Capitalization, Understanding, Punctuation, and Spelling).
    Social Studies
    We are well into our map unit.  Students are learning how to read directions on a map, as well as to describe the location of one object on a map, in relation to another object.  We are also learning how to use a map grid and a map key to locate places on a map.
    We have finished unit 1 and have started unit 2 in math.  Students will be focusing on addition and subtraction regrouping, as well as problem solving, during unit 2.  The test will be in about 3 weeks.  Please be sure your child is practicing his/her addition facts each night for at least 5 minutes a day!
    We started a unit on rocks today.  Students will learn about igneous rocks, including obsidian, pumice, and granite, this week.  They will learn how they form and observe properties of these rocks.  Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks are next!
    * Thank to all who ordered from Scholastic!  We were able to earn $35 in free books for our classroom!
    *The Ohio Acievement in Reading is scheduled for October 8.  Please try to avoid scheduling any appointments on this morning.  Thank you. 
    Have a great week!