• Reading Vocabulary Terms
    **Throughout the year, the students will learn new vocabulary words to strengthen their comprehension skills. Ask your child to define and act out the following words. Check back throughout the year for new words!**
    Theme: Main lesson of a story
    Sequence: Order of events
    Visualize: Create a picture in my mind
    Compare: How are two things alike
    Contrast: How are two things different
    Fact: Something that can be proven true
    Opinion: What you think, feel, and believe
    Author's Purpose: Why the author wrote the story (Persuade, Inform, Entertain) PIE
    Main Idea (Central Idea): the big idea (what the whole story was about
    Supporting Details: proves/holds up the main idea

    Drawing Conclusions (Inference): take what you know + what you read,
    put it together and draw concusion
    Generalization: what you read + what they have in common,
    put it together and make a generalization
    Cause: Why something happened
    Effect: what actually happened