BEF Scholarship Renewal Information

  • Overview:

    Part of the mission of the  Brunswick Education Foundation (BEF) is to assist students and staff of the Brunswick City School District in their pursuit of excellence. One of the ways that we assist students is by offering various scholarships that are awarded to graduating seniors and past scholarship recipients. Brunswick Education Foundation awards at least five $500 BEF Scholarships per year. Three additional senior scholarships are administrated by the BEF. They range from $1000 to $2000. 

    Recipients of the $500 BEF Scholarships may apply to be awarded for three subsequent years as they pursue an undergraduate degree for $250 each year. The renewal scholarships are subject to an application process as well, which can be found below. 

    Recognizing and celebrating your achievements is an important part of the education process and we are proud to be a part of that process.

    Available Scholarships
    Please click on the links for more information about each available scholarship and to access the application.

    Brunswick Education Foundation Scholarship

    C.R. Towslee Elementary Scholarship

    Lesnick Family Social Studies Scholarship

    Letha E. House Scholarship

    Toth Family Scholarship

    William L. Kubinski Student-Athlete Scholarship

    BEF Scholarship Renewal Information:

    Beginning with the 2005 BEF Scholarship recipients, a renewable scholarship award is available in the amount of $250 dollars. The scholarship is renewable for three consecutive years as the recipient pursues an undergraduate degree.


    GPA of 3.0 from Freshman Year - GPA of 3.2 for successive years.
    Full-time student at a two or four-year accredited college or university.
    Be a well-rounded student involved in school activities.

    Complete the BEF Scholarship Renewal Application Form
    Provide proof of GPA

    Return all materials to the Brunswick Education Foundation, 3643 Center Road, Brunswick OH 44212 by the application deadline of June 30th by midnight.  This is a firm deadline unless June 30 falls on a weekend and then the deadline will be the first following workday by midnight.

    It is the students' responsibility to follow through on the renewal application. BEF will not contact eligible recipients.

    Please contact Jan Marsh at 440-570-2161 or if you have any questions or need additional information.