Medina County Career Center (MCCC)


    The Medina County Career Center provides students with the option of participating in a vocational program of studies to complete high school graduation requirements. Participation in vocational programs prepares students to enter the workforce or continue academic studies at the post secondary level.

    Students seeking admission must have been in high school for two years. Students are given information regarding the Career Center during an orientation program in their sophomore year. They are encouraged to visit two programs of their choice in January during the Career Center Open House. Application forms may be obtained in the guidance office.

    No tuition is charged. The Career Center will provide most equipment and materials used for daily instruction; however, students will be asked to pay a fee if personal tools or materials are required, or to pay for uniform and/or workbooks.

    For more information regarding MCCC contact:

    Jaime Camino
    Brunswick High School
    330-225-7731 ext. 1241

    Patrick Shaughnessy
    MCCC Contact

    Link to MCCC WEBSITE