Senior Scoop

    This is the start of an exciting year for 12th-grade students as they enter their Senior Year. The best way to keep up with what will be happening throughout the year is to check morning announcements, follow the BHS Counselors on Twitter @BHSMrsPizon, and read the Senior Newsletter.
    All of the newsletters will be posted at the beginning of each quarter.  The newsletter will contain information regarding dates and deadlines for college applications, testing dates, scholarship information, financial aid information, and many other pieces of very important information. 
    The scholarship list is updated on Naviance each month, as well as go to the Greater Cleveland College Now website for additional scholarships.  

    If parents have any questions pertaining to your son or daughter's current status or future plans please contact the appropriate counselor. Dealing with situations that affect seniors are better dealt with early.

    Students are encouraged to be responsible and task-oriented so that graduation on June 9, 2021, becomes a reality.