Does Your Child Qualify for Bright Beginnings Preschool?

  • Bright Beginnings Preschool primarily serves students who have been identified with a disabiity.  In addition we serve a small number of students from the community that have been selected to participate as a peer role model.
    If your child has been identified by the district as having a disability or has been selected as a peer role model, please complete the registration information below.
    If you are concerned that your child may have a disability, please contact Lindsay Williams at 330-225-7731 ext. 1558.
    If you are interested in having your child participate as a peer role model, please contact Debbie Brodnik at 330-273-0294 for further information.

Bright Beginnings Preschool Registration Information

  • ONLY a CUSTODIAL PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN can officially enroll a student; therefore, they MUST be the person(s) present at the registration appointment.

Preschool Registration Process

  • Step 1Complete an electronic Student Registration Application Form
    Click here to begin.  Once you complete the on-line application, you will be directed to the Final Checklist page that confirms you have completed the first step in the registration process.  This Checklist page also lists the documents you need to bring with you when you attend an in-person registration session.
    Step 2: Schedule a Registration Appointment
    Once all required electronic forms above have been completed, you will be contacted by someone from Central Registration  to schedule your registration appointment.  Please note, YOU MUST BRING ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS WITH YOU at the time of your registration appointment.  Copies of the documents will be made and the originals will be returned to you immediately.  


  • Bright Beginnings

Typical Peer Role Model Program

  • Screenings for the Typical Peer Role Model Program will take place on February 23, 2018. Parents interested in the Bright Beginnings Preschool Typical Peer Role Model Program for the school year need to do the following:

    • Send an email to Debbie Brodnik at indicating your interest in the Typical Peer Role Model Program with the following information:
    • Child’s complete name
    • Child’s birthdate
    • Parents’ full names
    • Address
    • Phone number (best number to reach you at)

    Do not complete the online Registration Application.  You will be contacted by phone or email when specific information is available.