Brunswick City Schools VersaTrans E-link

  • The Brunswick City Schools Transportation Department uses VersaTrans e-link to give parents the ability to look up the most accurate bus information for their children throughout the school year.  This is a way for families to access their individual bus numbers, schedules, and routes.
    The district is asking parents to login at using their primary phone number as the username and password.  Once logged in, parents can change their password to a personal password of their own choosing.  If parents are unable to login using their phone number, they may call the transportation department for assistance at 330-273-0227.  If parents do not have access to a computer at home, parents can call the transportation department or their child's building secretary who can look up the information for them and answer any questions they may have. 
    This student transportation online information system utilizes the latest routing technology to maintain accurate and up-to-date bus routing information.  It will have "real time" data so when students move in or out of the district, the time change and bus routes are altered.  Parents do need to realize these are computer generated estimates and, as always, allow a bus to run 10 minutes early/behind the actual time of arrival.
    The goal of the Brunswick City Schools Transportation Department is to run a safe and efficient transportation system for our school community.

Instructions for Parents

  • Logon to Versatrans
    When logging in for the first time using their primary phone number as the username and password, parents must change their pasword by clicking the following:
    • "Options" tab - then
    • "Change User Profile" tab
    • Fill in the information requested and click the "Update User Profile" tab.
    Next go the tab on the top titled "Students" and then "View My Students" (students will show up).
    After the initial login, parents would simply click "Student" and then "View My Students" when logging back in.


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