• Using MAP/MPG Online

    Site URL:  http://Bcsoh-admin.mapnwea.org

    Names of Tests to Administer
    Grades K-1
    MAP: Reading Primary Grades OH 2011 (CCSS)
    MAP: Math Primary Grades OH 2011 (CCSS) V2
    Grades 2-5
    MAP: Reading 2-5 OH 2011 (CCSS)
    MAP: Math 2-5 OH 2011 (CCSS) V2
    Who to Call for Help
    The MAP website has great resources for principals, teachers and proctors.  Usernames and passwords may be required to access them.
    Kathy Verhest
    Adding New Users
    Technical Support
    Pat Geschke
    MAP Testing Calendar
    Using MPG Skills Checklist 
    Interpreting Reports