Box Tops for Education

  • The Box Tops for Education program is phasing out the old clipping method for an up-to-date app where you just scan for Box Tops! Remember to continue to clip any Box Tops you find on products in your home! Collect them, place them in sealed envelope or zip top bag & send them to school with your student!

    With the changes to the BTFE program, we're changing up our incentive program! We'll be working toward school-wide goals for Box Tops where all the students can earn Pride Bucks & other fun rewards when a goal is reached!

    Family, friends, & neighbors, who aren't already earning for their own school, are also able to participate by downloading the app & selecting Hickory Ridge as the school.

    Need the app for an Apple device? Get it HERE (<--click).

    Need the app from the Google Play Store? Get it HERE (<--click). 

    Old BTFE New BTFE

    Students can see Mario POWER UP in the Pit at school to see if we're making our goals!

    BTFE Mario