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    Sarah Salvatore
    Brunswick High School
    Teacher Family and Consumer Science
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Course Offerings

  • Family and Consumer Science is offered to students who want to increase their abilities and skills in foods and nutrition, clothing construc­tion and crafts, childcare and family rela­tionships. In addition, individual in-depth studies in such areas as consumer education, personal, family and community relations and child development is included in the curriculum.


    650 LIFE SKILLS­-ESSENTIALS (1/2 CR.) L-2 9,10,11,12

    This entry-level multi-purpose course will provide the student with experiences in sewing and cooking.


    Students enrolling in this course will learn basic sewing skills. A variety of craft-related projects, for all occasions, will allow students to apply their knowledge of these fundamental skills. The basic concepts and principles of cooking and nutrition will be taught during this semester as well. Experiences in baking and cooking will provide the student with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of food preparation and kitchen safety.


    651 LIFE SKILLS-APPLICATIONS (1/2 CR.) L-2 9,10,11,12
    This multi-purpose sewing and cooking course will provide students with experiences in sewing and cooking that go beyond those learned in the entry-level semester course. Taking Essentials prior to Applications is suggested, but it is not mandatory.


    This semester course will provide students with the lessons in advanced sewing techniques that will provide them with the skills to make wearable garments from purchased patterns. Cooking instruction will take the form of learning to safeguard the family's health while preparing simple meals.




    658 FAST FOODS (1/2 CR.) L-2 11,12


    Meet the demands of todays busy lifestyles. Learn to prepare attractive, tasty, healthy, and economical meals quickly. Time, in this semester course, will be devoted to learning quick and easy cooking and baking techniques using a variety of prepared and convenience items. 


    664 FAMILY LIVING (1/2 CR.) L-2 11,12


    Family social issues and dynamics will be the core instructional base of this course. Topics such as dating, preparation for marriage, and parenting techniques (using Ready-or-not-Tots, computer chip baby dolls) will help the student explore the family experience. Students will have the opportunity to participate in real life activities, such as the Play School Laboratory.




    668 GOURMET (1/2 CR.) L-2 11,12


    This course is designed for those students who want to gain additional knowledge and know-how in food preparation and international cuisine. Included in this semester course offering will be experiences in regional and foreign food cookery and the methods needed for preparing meats, poultry, eggs, pastas, sauces, and breads. Emphasis will also be placed on food service and meal planning including preparing different types of meals for entertaining.