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Course Offerings

  • 1909-1911 CAREER BASED INTERVENTION (3-1/2 CR.) L-2

    Prerequisite: Students are interviewed by the O.W.A. teacher/coordinator before being admitted into the program. (15-20 students are usually selected.) Recommendations and/or referrals from the 8th and/or 9th grade teachers, counselors, and principals are given a high priority in the selection process.


    O.W.A. is an elective vocational program for 14, 15 and 16 year old freshman and sophomore students who are interested in learning about the world of work, exploring career opportunities, and working in paid positions within the school system or in outside jobs 1,2 or more hours per day. Students in the O.W.A. program take math and job related theory classes with the O.W.A. teacher/coordinator, earning 2 credits. Additionally, 1 1/2 credits are granted for the student's work experience, making a total of 3-1/2 credits. O.W.A. usually takes 2 periods per day, still leaving 2 or 3 periods to fulfill all other freshmen and sophomore requirements.


    1929-1931,1949-1951 CAREER BASED INTERVENTION (4 CR.) L-2 11,12

    Prerequisite: Permission of Coordinator

    A work-study program for juniors and seniors. If you are over 16, turned off and not achieving in regular classes, this may be the area of education for you. Are the normal math and reading classes some of the areas in which you have difficulty, causing you to have attendance or discipline problems? Take a good look at this work-study program: two class periods of O.W.E., where the "Survival Skills" needed to cope with the business and work world are taught, plus supervised on-the-job work stations after early release from school, as part of the O.W.E. curriculum. Two (2) credits for class work and 2 credits for job station. The goal is a diploma, plus work experience. This is aMedinaCountyCareerCentercourse offered atBrunswickHigh School.



    The A.O.A. (Administrative Office Associates) program is a two-year vocational program that teaches students business skills, techniques, and personal qualities needed to secure and maintain employment in the business field. Completion of this two-year program will enable students to get a head start in their career or will prepare students to continue their education at a two- or four-year college. The program has articulation agreements with several local colleges that enable students to earn college credits while being enrolled in this high school program.


    1942 JUNIOR A.O.A.(Junior Administrative Office Associates)

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    1943 SENIOR A.O.A.(Senior Administrative Office Associates)

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