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GAFE Directions for Student Accounts

  • Activating a Brunswick STUDENT Google Apps for Education Account (GAFE)

    1.  To activate a student account and log in for the first time using a Chromebook, please follow the steps below:
    • Open the Chromebook, click "Browse as Guest" in the lower left hand corner.
    • A warning will appear that you are browsing as a guest.  (That is OK.)
    • Type "gmail" in the URL search bar.
    • Click on the first option:  Gmail - Google
    • Type in student email address
        • first initial+middle intial+last name+year of
        • Example:  John David Smith
        • Username:
    • Click "Sign in"
    • When the "blue box" with Brunswick City Schools Google Apps appears:
      • Enter the student username ONLY (do not type in
      • Enter the Password which is the Student ID number
      • Click "log-in"
      • Click "I accept, continue to my account"

    2.  Once the account is activated, please have the student click "GUEST" in the lower right hand corner of the screen
         and then "EXIT GUEST" in the top right corner of that box.

    3.  Student should then log back into the chromebook using their credentials:

    • username: student email address
    • password: student ID number

         Follow the directions above when the Blue Box with Brunswick City Schools Google Apps appears.

    Additional Information:  students should use Google Drive to save files using the Web version of Google Drive.

    • students should not download Google Drive on a public/school/shared computer
    • when at a computer with the Microsoft Office Suite files can be edited using Word, Excel etc.
    • when using a ChromeBook the student can edit files using Google docs 


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