Brunswick Athletic Foundation Scholarships

The Brunswick Athletic Foundation (BAF) plans to award five $500 scholarships in 2018 to deserving student athletes of BAF members.  To be eligible to apply, the parents of the student athlete must be a members of the BAF by December 31st.  Scholarship information and the application for students graduating from BHS in 2018 will be provided to the guidance department to post after January 1, 2018.  
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Past Scholarship Winners

2017 Winners

Julia Dodds 
Molly McGinnis
Maria Payne
Camryn Scott
André Wilson

2016 Winners

 Jordan Dye 
Amanda Ohler 
Vanessa Pasadyn
J.T. Siurek
Jenna Vance 

2015 Winners

Samantha Gut 
Emily Lapolla 
Juliann Shrilla
Ryan Wheeler 

2014 Winners 

Eric Kasier

Eric Kaiser 
Allie McGreer  
Allie McGreer 

2013 Winners 

 Kyle Wheeler and Taylor Armagost
 Kyle Wheeler and Taylor Armagost 

2012 Winners

Jason Swords and Selena Pasadyn

Jason Swords, Selena Pasadyn, and Colin Curtis (not pictured)