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    6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Physical Education
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    Edwards Middle School

    Physical Education

    Class Expectations


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    Why do we have physical education in school?

    Healthy bodies can MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the way you think, feel and act!  Physical activities can lead to confidence and success! Research shows that physical activity in an adolescent’s life contributes to increased brain function. 

    How often do you have physical education?

    You will have physical education five days a week for 9 weeks. 


    Code of Conduct

    You are expected to dress and participate daily.  If you fail to do so, the following will happen and your grade will be affected:

    1. If you do not completely dress, then you will lose your dress points.
      1. You will be expected to sit out (at your own risk) or keep score when not dressed. 
    2. Injuries require a doctor’s note be excused from and permitted back to Phys. Ed. Class.


    You will need the following items to change into/use daily:

    ·      Brunswick t-shirt  ~ Please purchase in the office (First Initial and Last Name printed on shirt)

    ·      Appropriate length shorts, sweatpants, wind-pants, etc.

    ·      Socks ~ Keep a few pairs in your locker

    ·      Athletic shoes ~ no skate shoes or flat soled shoes

    ·      Combination lock for your locker (no key locks)

    ·      Deodorant or any other good hygiene products 

    ·      Paper and Pencil/Pen


    *Your dress must follow the school’s dress code.  The violation of the Phys. Ed. dress code will result in the loss of dress points.



    ·      You must have your own combination lock with you name written on the back with permanent marker

    ·      You will be assigned your own locker

    ·      Do not give anybody your locker combination!  Do not share a locker with anybody! 

    ·    Do not bring valuable jewelry or other items such as electronics to P.E.

    ·    Your teachers and the school are not responsible for lost or stolen items so they are safest locked up in your locker.  Please remember that there are other teams that use the locker rooms after school so be sure to lock your locker.



    ·      Gum is not permitted in the gym.  It is not permitted in school and is a safety hazard in P.E. class. 



    Students with certain illness or disabilities may need to take medicine/inhaler during the school day.  Should your student require medication/inhaler at school, the proper forms must be completed, signed and filed in the school office before any medication/inhaler can be taken at school.  Your student may pick up the “Guidelines for Medication” form, which is available in the school lobby.  A licensed physician as well as the parent/guardian must sign this form.  If you have any questions regarding medications, please call the office at 330-273-0488.


    How will you be evaluated?

    Your Physical Education grade will be determined from information recorded from the following areas:

    1.    Participation = 40%

    a.    Warm-up

    b.    Fitness work

    c.     Effort/Attitude


    2.    Performance and Knowledge = 40%

    a.    SLO Assessment

    b.    Written tests on rules and sportsmanship

    c.     Skill performances on techniques taught and practiced in class

    d.    Warm Ups - Lead the class in warm ups with proper technique

                                                    i.     Due to new state Physical Education guidelines, 8th grade student assessments will be reported to the State of Ohio.

    3.    Dress = 10%

    a.    Being on time to class

    b.    Wearing complete uniform

    c.     Appropriate hygiene practices


    4.    Sportsmanship = 10%

    a.    Following the rules of the class/game

    b.    Positive sportsmanship towards classmates and teachers

    c.     Teamwork and consideration of others and adherence to class rules