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    School Resource Officers (SRO) are officers of the Brunswick Police Department/Brunswick Hills Police Department that are assigned specifically to the school system. It is a partnership program between the Brunswick School System and the Division of Police.

         The officers assigned to the program work with school staff, parents and students to resolve a wide range of problems which occur in the school, the home and the community. The police officers provide intervention services which include investigation and filing charges and/or complaints including for truancy violations (may result in a state suspension of a driver’s license) and educational services.

    Additional duties include:
    - Law enforcement                                              - Mentoring/positive role models
    - Working with staff and parents                           - Drug/alcohol education
    - Problem solving                                                - Intervention services

    Currently these are are officers assigned to each of the schools in the system: 

    Program Supervisor

       Lt. Steve Hoover

    Brunswick High School

    Willetts Middle School

       Officer Charles Weber 

    Visintainer Middle School

    Edwards Middle School

    All elementary buildings

       Officer John Witthuhn

    Edwards Middle School

    Visintainer Middle School

       Officer Tom Walsh (B. Hills PD)

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