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  • What is the goal of B Engaged: Parent Awareness for Student Success (PASS)? Our goal is to support, to increase parental engagement and to empower parents to raise children who are successful in school and in life.  

    What is B Engaged: Parent Awareness for Student Success (PASS)? The Brunswick City School District “B” Engaged: Parent Awareness for Student Success (PASS) will offer a year-round schedule of information sessions/series that are focused on providing information to parents and community members about the Brunswick City Schools, academics, student health and wellness, and much more.  PASS has been developed to assist families with the skills, knowledge, and resources that they need in order to navigate school and create a strong partnership between home and school. This partnership is our way to support parents in the very difficult and important job of helping children reach their full potential. The PASS series will include topics on parenting, teaching & learning, health & wellness, transitions, college & career readiness, technology, social media, and much more. The presentations will be done by BCSD teachers, administrators, community partners, and local/state presenters. While the sessions do list a target audience, every session is open to anyone who is interested in attending.  

    Why is it important for Parents to be Engaged? Research has provided evidence that parental engagement has a positive impact on a child’s academic performance and social competence. It has been proven that strong partnerships between families and school districts result in student success, both academically and socially. There are many benefits to parents being engaged:

    • Increase in student achievement
    • Higher grades and test scores
    • Increase in graduation rates
    • Decrease in drug/alcohol use, violence, and antisocial behavior
    • Bridge the gap between home and school 



    Click here to access the 2019-2020 B Engaged Catalog!


    Registration - Each session has a registration link listed and we encourage you to register for any session(s) that you plan to attend. Registration will help the district plan for the appropriate number of people. Forget to register? No problem! You are still welcome to attend and participate.

    Resources -  Interested in a session, but are not able to attend? Don’t worry! Any resources, handouts, and information presented at the session will be linked in this catalog after the session takes place.

    Check Back Often - More sessions will be added throughout the school year. Don’t see a specific topic listed? Feel free to submit an idea using this form here