• Brunswick City Schools - Strategic Plan
    The Brunswick City School District has been working with stakeholders to develop its strategic plan. A strategic plan is a document that will help determine the direction of the school district over the next several years. Overall, a strategic plan is a document that outlines goals, and steps on how to achieve those goals. 
    Spring 2018 - Creation of Strategic Plan Committee
    The strategic planning committee discussed the purpose of strategic planning and went over examples of other district’s plans.
    Fall 2018 - Community Surveys
    Surveys were conducted with various groups. These surveys were used to identify major themes for the strategic plan.
    Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 - Subcommittee Work
    Subcommittees created specific goals and action steps for the focus areas of Communications, Developing the Whole Child, Finance & Facilities, and Teaching & Learning.
    Summer 2019 - Final Plan Created
    The strategic planning committee reviewed the goals and action steps created by the subcommittees. A final comprehensive plan for the district was created to present to the board of education.
    Fall 2019 - Adoption of Plan
    The final strategic plan was presented to the board of education and voted on for official approval and adoption.
    Mission and Vision Statement
    photo 2 As part of the strategic planning process, the Brunswick Board of Education, along with the strategic planning committee, wanted to revamp the district’s mission and vision statement. To do this, the district reached out to the Brunswick High School Senior Seminar class. Through research and interviews, the students developed and presented their findings and ideas to the district administration. 
    Vision: Dedicated to Excellence. Prepared for the Future.
    Mission: Brunswick City Schools seek to ensure the success of every student through a rigorous curriculum, relevant experiences, and meaningful relationships while fostering our students’ love of learning.


    Teaching and Learning: Brunswick City Schools will provide an exceptional, personalized education where each student will be challenged, prepared and empowered to meet the demands of an ever-changing world.
    Developing the Whole Child: Brunswick City Schools will promote relationships as the foundation for developing skills that can be used for lifelong success through a student-centered, person-first approach.
    Communications: Brunswick City Schools will provide clear and open communication to the community.
    Finance and Facilities: Brunswick City Schools will maintain a sustainable and transparent financial framework to ensure district resources align with the Brunswick City Schools’ mission and vision.