• Health Insurance (Anthem)
    (You must create an Anthem login to view specific health insurance information)
    To view additional health resources, click here
    General Assistance: 1-833-952-2042
    24/7 Nurse Line: 1-800-337-4770
    All reviews of claims for payment/denial must be requested within 180 days of claim determination

  • Dental Insurance (Anthem)
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    General Information: 1-844-729-1565
    • Not required to utilize an in-network provider
    • Discounts apply to in-network dental provider
    • Click here to view a brief outline of benefits for those employees who have dental coverage. The full contract information can be found by signing into the Anthem website linked above

  • Prescriptions (Express Scripts)
    Prescription Information: 1-877-842-2879
    Caution: Automatic refills can cost you and the district unnecessary expense if you do not cancel prescriptions that your physician has discontinued or changed

    Prescription plan summary - see SBC (Summary of Benefits) below.

    Digital and Print ID Cards

  • Life Insurance (Board-provided life insurance is separate from voluntary life insurance)
    Coverage is through AUL/One America. The Board purchases coverage through the Ohio School Council.
    • Life insurance coverage amounts are based on your negotiated agreement
    • Annually in October, a notice will be sent to you regarding:
      • GIB: Guarantee offer to increase your current optional/voluntary life amount (this is for those who are currently purchasing optional life insurance)
      • You may request to apply for voluntary life insurance by applying via Evidence of Insurability. The carrier may turn down anyone who did not elect coverage within the first 30 days of hire or his/her original election in 2011
    • Waiver of Premium: Sick Leave

    The following are FREE to all employees who are covered by the negotiated, Board-provided life insurance. The carrier should be contacted directly with any questions.