Department Overview

  • The Treasurer/CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is one of two positions appointed directly by and reporting directly to the Board of Education. The duties of the Treasurer are specifically outlined in the Ohio Revised Code (3319.02).

    Some of the Treasurer's duties as outlined by the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) include:

    • Official custodian of the proceedings of each Board of Education meeting
    • Preservation of vouchers of payments and disbursement for at least ten years
    • Providing monthly financial reports to the Board of Education
    • Filing of an Annual Financial Report to the Auditor of State's office
    • Responsible for all checks issued by the Board of Education
    • Responsible for the deposit of all funds in a depository in accordance with Chapter 135 of the ORC
    • Act as an agent for the Board of Education in all dealings with the County Auditor, County Treasurer and all other persons relating to the funds of the school district
    • The investment of all public monies
    • Issuance of a Fiscal Certificate for all labor contracts, salary schedules, appropriations and large contracts stating that the district has adequate resources to pay the contracts
    • Official Custodian of Records (Public Records Request Form)

    The Treasurer must hold a valid license issued according to the standards established by the State Board of Education. Such licenses are subject to the same conduct standards which apply to administrators, teachers and other licensed educators.

    The contract term for the Treasurer begins on the first day of August and ends on the thirty-first day of July, for a maximum period of five years. The Treasurer is required to execute a bond conditioned upon the faithful performance of all official duties. In addition to being bonded, the Treasurer is required to file an annual Financial Disclosure Statement with the Ohio Ethics Commission.


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  • Mark Pepera
    Mark Pepera
    Phone: 330-273-0208

    Kim Katz
    Kim Katz
    Assistant Treasurer
    Phone: 330-273-0213
    Responsibilities: Posting receipts and
    expenditures, reconciliation of bank and
    investment accounts, liaison for auditors,
    teacher tuition reimbursement, grant

    Tina Campbell
    Tina Campbell
    Administrative Assistant to the Treasurer
    Phone: 330-273-0208
    Responsibilities: District MasterCard 
    authorization and use, MasterCard payments
    for school fees and Pay to Participate,
    preschool tuition, BOE meeting notices and
    minutes, student activity budget and purpose
    statements, tax-exempt forms, employment 
    verification for income purposes and new hire
    reporting, administrative tuition reimbursement,
    403(b)/457 liaison, VALIC for severance

    Pamela Eubanks
    Payroll Specialist
    Phone: 330-225-9433
    Responsibilities: Payroll entry, payroll checks,
    income taxes, severance, STRS/SERS

    Kristina Haas
    Payroll Specialist
    Phone: 330-273-0210
    Responsibilities: Payroll entry, payroll checks,
    income taxes, severance, STRS/SERS

    Debbie Brubaker
    Debbie Brubaker
    Phone: 330-273-0212
    Responsibilities: Vendors A-I, mileage
    reimbursement, professional leave reimbursement,
    district credit card accounts payable

    Laura Foltz
    Laura Foltz
    Accounts Payable
    Phone: 330-273-0565
    Responsibilities: Vendors J-Z, Transportation,
    Food Service and Maintenance accounts 
    payable, auxiliary services

    Linda Serafin 
    Employee Benefits Specialist
    Phone: 330-273-0203
    Fax: 330-273-0507