• We wish to welcome all new and returning families to Huntington!  We are looking forward to another exciting school year!  Our PTO aims to help enrich your child’s experience at Huntington.  We would like to invite you to join us as members.  We welcome volunteers and would love to hear any new ideas you may have which may help to improve the programming that we provide for the students and staff at Huntington.

    In an effort to continue to “Go Green,” Huntington PTO will be sending home as little paper as possible again this year.  Please sign-up to receive our weekly email blasts entitled “Huntington Happenings” by sending an email to pto.huntington@gmail.com with a subject line of “please add me to your distribution list.” 

    Also- please follow Huntington Elementary PTO on facebook to stay up to date on school events.

    If you are interested in becoming a member of Huntington PTO, please complete a Membership Form and return it to school at your earliest convenience.  

     We look forward to seeing you at our PTO meetings.

Meeting Dates

  • August , 2020 @9:15- Board Meeting

    September , 2020 @ 7:00pm

    October , 2020 @ 7:00pm

    November , 2020@ 7:00pm

    December , 2020 @ 7pm

    January , 2021@ 7pm

    February , 2021 @ 7pm

    March , 2021 @ 7pm

    April , 2021 @ 7pm

    May , 2021 @9:30am

    Younger children are permitted at the PTO meetings and many PTO functions.  Just bring something quiet for them to play with.  We have to be respectful of the teachers and students, so no younger siblings are able to attend while helping in the classroom or at a class party.

Events & Service Projects

PTO Officers

  • Kelly Bregitzer      
    Phone: 216-704-0571

    Kelly Christy
    Vice President
    Phone: 440-623-3586
    Email: KLChristy410@gmail.com

    Kristen Oriold
    Phone: 330-701-9385
    Email: orioldk82@gmail.com

    Stephanie Schlueter
    Corresponding Secretary
    Phone: 330-305-5493
    Email:  stef1481@gmail.com

    Katie Negrey
    Recording Secretary
    Email: negreyk82@gmail.com


PTO Committee Chairpersons

Committee Chairperson Phone Email
BASKET RAFFLE Kristen Oriold 330.701.9385 orioldk82@gmail.com
BINGO Carrie Kavulic 216.470.7024 Kavulic2@msn.com
BOOK FAIR Erin Butler 330.242.1930 tebutlerfam@gmail.com
BOXTOPS Katie Negrey 330.225.0826 negreyk82@gmail.com
COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT Jennifer Belloma 440.668.5493 Jlrose10@gmail.com
DINNER WITH SANTA Elysia Sargsyan 216.712.1333 elysia.sargsyan@yahoo.com
DONUTS/MUFFINS Elysia Sargsyan 216.712.1333 elysia.sargsyan@yahoo.com
Family Fun Night Victoria Tereshchuk 440.840.1127 victoria_lashtur@hotmail.com
FIFTH GRADE RECOGNITION Katie Negrey, Kristen Oriold and Victoria Tereshcuk 330.701.9385 orioldk82@gmail.com
HUNTINGTON HAPPENINGS Kelly Bregitzer pto.huntington@gmail.com
KALAHARI NIGHT Erin Butler 330.242.1930 tebutlerfam@gmail.com
MEMBERSHIP Erin Butler 330.242.1930 tebutlerfam@gmail.com
MOVIE NIGHT Jillian Hall 330.321.7768 Jillian319@hotmail.com
POPCORN FRIDAY Kelly Christy 440.623.3586 klchristy410@gmail.com
SANTA SHOP Stephanie Schlueter 330.304.5493 stef1481@gmail.com
SPIRIT WEAR Kelly Bregitzer 216.704.0571 kellybregitzer@yahoo.com
STUDENT ENRICHMENT Jennifer Belloma 440.668.5493 Jlrose10@gmail.com
TRIATHLON FUNDRAISER Kelly Christy 440.623.3586 klchristy410@gmail.com
WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK Erin Butler 330.242.1930 tebutlerfam@gmail.com