Student Services

  • Brunswick City Schools recognizes that education varies for each child and therefore offers a variety of services to help each child reach his/her full potential.  Stretching across the entire district and reaching students in all grade levels, the Student Services Department not only coordinates programming for students identified as having disabilities, students who are identified in the gifted range and students who are English Language Learners, but builds an educational foundation through Bright Beginnings, our 5-Star preschool. The department is comprised of a variety of services to support education, including:

    Counseling services 

    Crisis intervention 
    Prevention specialists (drug/alcohol) 
    Physical therapy
    Occupational therapy
    Speech therapy
    Orientation/mobility and vision
    Transition services
    Assistive technology


  • Taya Neuman
     Taya Neuman
     Director of Student Services
     Phone: 330-225-7731

     Tad Fitch
     Assistant Director of Student Services
     Phone: 330-273-0320
     Leann Alferio
     Special Education Coordinator
     Phone: 330-225-7731