Department Overview

  • The major focus of the Business Office is on coordinating the day-to-day operations of all the buildings within the school district. The Business Office handles the business operations of the district including business services and purchasing, transportation, safety and security, fleet, property and liability insurance, facilities and maintenance, food service and building construction projects.

    The following departments are overseen by the Director of Business Affairs: 

    • Building Services
    • Classroom & Media Services (aides and monitors)
    • Food Services
    • Maintenance Services
    • Pupil Support Services (special education paraprofessionals)
    • Secretarial Services
    • Student Transportation Services

  • Mr. Salvatore Grida
    Title IX Compliance Officer | 330-225-7731

    8/2022 - Title IX Training | Daniel L. Lautar, Esquire
    9/2022 - Protecting Students and School Employees from Sexual Harassment | Works International
    9/2022 - Additional Information for Coordinators, Investigators and Decision-Makers | Works International
    9/2022 - How to Investigate and Adjudicate Formal Complaints | Works International
    9/2022 - Information Resolution Process | Works International

Contact Us

  • Sam Grida
    Salvatore D. Grida
    Director of Business Affairs 
    Phone: 330-273-0204

     Jennifer McIntosh
    Jennifer McIntosh
    Administrative Assistant to the
    Director of Business Affairs
    Phone: 330-273-0204
    Fax: 330-273-0507