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Lesson Plans


  • Dear students and parents, 

    I hope that you have a relaxing and rejuvenating break.  Quarter three is a time of exciting literature and research and more grammar lessons! Students will continue to have weekly grammar lessons and are expected to study their reading and grammar at home daily.  Focused daily work at home is crucial to the success of all students. 

    Everyone is finishing up their Personal Narrative and will share their writing with their peers and families on Thursday, January 10th.  We invite you to come and join us during your child's class period. 

    The honors classes will begin the quarter finishing their Odyssey unit and then move into a study of George Orwell's Animal Farm, lessons on the Russian Revolution, then move into a propaganda unit culminating with an Infomercial Project.  They will end the quarter with a Music in the Schools research project and will gather information about a musical artist they believe is worthy of being in the Rock Hall.  

    The college prep classes will begin the quarter with a variety of non-fiction works and will end the quarter with an in-depth study of the Great Depression and will read John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men

    All classes will also participate in a musical intertextuality project where they will make connections between the music they listen to and the books we read as we spend time reading independent free choice books.  

    We encourage all, students and parents, to continue to check the lesson plans daily especially when absent and to ask questions in class when clarification is needed.  

    Mrs. Weight - Honors LA 9

    Mrs. Weight and Ms. Shaffer

    English 9 co-teachers for college prep 

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