• Welcome to the Resources section of our website.  Under “Resources” you will find websites listed by topic that may be helpful to your student and family.  You will also find a list of outside counseling resources and various community links.  Under “Student Assistance Program” you will find contact information for our Prevention Specialists in the district, as well as description of available drug and alcohol prevention programs.  You can also find links to facts about various drugs, as well as resources for parents and youth. 

    If you have any questions about information listed under the “Resources” section please contact our Applewood guidance counselor, Danyel Esser at 330-273-0309 or desser@bcsohlorg.  For questions regarding information under the “Student Assistance Program” please contact Elementary Prevention Specialist, Deb Marshall at 330-273-0484 or dmarshall@bcsoh.org  or the Prevention Specialist at the Middle and High schools, Kathy Fulkerson at 330-273-0292 or kfulkerson@bcsoh.org