Department Overview

  • QUALIFYING EVENTS: Contact Linda for any changes due to marriage, divorce, birth, death, adoption are qualifying events.  You need to contact Benefits within 30 days of a qualifying event in order to be eligible for certain coverages.  You are also obligated to alert Benefits with any changes in regard to Working Spouse insurance changes and/or insurance obtained by your dependents.  Contact Linda at 330 273 0203 if you have any questions.
  • Medical Mutual

    General Assistance:  1-800-382-5729
    24/7 Nurse Line:   1-888-912-0636
    **All review of claims for payment/denial must be requested within 180 days of claim determination**
  • Dental

    General Info:  1-800-833-7027
    Dentemax Line; 1-866-336-8251 
      - Not required to utilize a Dentemax Provider.      
      - Discounts apply to in-network Dentemax provider.
  • Vision (Vision Service Plan/VSP)

    General Info:  or 1-800-877-7195
    (an eye injury would be Medical Mutual; Vision screening is VSP)
     VSP has some  Hearing Aid Benefits.  Click on link then Special offers, Hearing Aids to find info on TruHearing.
  • Express Scripts   
    Prescription:  1-877-842-2879
    Caution: Auto refill can cost you and district excess dollars, if you do not cancel medicines that your physician has you discontinue or change.

Contact Information

  • Linda Serafin 
    Employee Benefit Specialist
    Phone: 330-273-0203
    Fax: 330-273-0507