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  • Drawing and Painting I

    Upcoming Due Dates:
    The Impressionist Paintings are due this Tuesday, October 23rd by the end of the school day.  These are worth 200 points so make sure you turn them in!  Check the rubric on the back of your canvas for project requirements.  Projects are -5 points every day they are late.  All projects must be turned in by Friday, October 26th to recieve a project grade for the 1st Quarter!

    The end of 1st Quarter is coming up!  All projects and make-up quizzes must be completed by Friday, October 26th to recieve credit. 

    The Impressionist Quiz is on Wed, October 24.  Please study your vocabulary notes in your sketchbooks.  If you were absent on Thursday Oct. 18 when we took notes, please see me or copy the notes from another student in your class.  The quiz will be over this vocabulary and the notes we took about Impressionist artists at the beginning of this project 2 weeks ago. 



       The Following students have been chosen to have thier artwork displayed in the Medina Hospital until the end of November.  You will recieve a letter in the mail with the exact dates and location. 

    Lexi Spartano, Jessica Zielinksi, Kristiana Federico, Hannah McCullough, Austin Hirsch, Tyler Price, Tori Ziaja, Kathryn Feeney, Hollyn Saxon, Christian Bui, Dionne Taylor, Kathleen Magley, Rachel Wilson, Amanda Ohler, and Corrine Luzier. Nice Job!!!!! 

    The following students have been chosen to have thier artwork displayed in one of the offices within the High School.  They will be notified after projects have been framed which office they are in.  Students will receieve thier projects in March or April.  This is a great honor and shows thier hardwork and dedication to their artwork.  NICE JOB!!! 

    Brittany Kulka, Aleece Merrell, Nikki Shotzbarger, Elizabeth Garcia, Aaron Pajestka, Lance Capone, Ashley Palya, Lexi Spartano, Anna Jankovsky, Kathleen Magley, Megan Owca, Sarah Winston, Jenny Chakan, Christian Bui, Rachel Wilson, Kenzie Shea, Brad Adkins, Kayley McNamara, Tiffanie Taylor
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  • Advanced Art Announcements

    Organic Coil Pots:  This week we are wrapping up coil pot construction with blending and smoothing techniques.  Students should be at the point where they are close to being done carving.  We will work on carving and finishing techniques until Monday. 
    Technology Permission Slips due Monday October 22nd ! 
    As part of the Final Project and final grade for this class, students will create a Portfolio Website on Wix.com including the following information:

    -A minimum of two pages – Must have an artwork page and an about me page

            Navigation from every page to every page

            Consistently and properly formatted text, including headings

            Student Artwork  - at least 5 – 10 original artworks

            Contact email

            Completely error-free

            Consistent design showing proper layout and contrast


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