• Dennis Boyd
    Grade/Subject: German
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  • WaPo Article on the Berlin Wall, 25 Years Later

    Posted by Dennis Boyd on 11/3/2014
    An excellent article on what’s changed in Germany since 1989.
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  • WSJ Article: On fountain pens and handwriting

    Posted by Dennis Boyd on 9/8/2014
    The WSJ has a great piece on the resurgence of fountain pens and their role in improving one’s handwriting:
    TRYING TO WRITE a note by hand after years of typing on a physical keyboard or smartphone screen can be discouraging. Often, the spastic result only vaguely resembles penmanship.

    Thankfully, though, getting your skills back up to a level that would make your grammar-school teachers proud isn't difficult—it just takes the right tools and, of course, practice.”

    Read the rest here. 
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  • NYT Article: Bavarian Cottage in the Alps

    Posted by Dennis Boyd on 9/4/2014
    How much can €2.98m get you?
    “In a residential area of Rottach-Egern, one of five villages in the valley around Lake Tegernsee, this three-bedroom country cottage on a 0.29-acre lot has views of the Wallberg, Setzberg and Hirschberg mountains of the Bavarian Alps. ”
    Read it here.
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