• If you picked up a painted lady caterpillar at school and are wondering what to do next, I will try to walk you through the process. Leave the caterpillar in its container - it has all the food & air it needs. When the caterpillar is ready, it will crawl to the top of the container & hang up side down in a J.  After about 12 hours, it will shed its skin & the chrysalis will appear. Let it settle down for a few hours, then gently remove the top with the chrysalis attached. Have a container ready - something like a milk carton with the front cut out - and tape the container top to the back of the container so the chrysalis is hanging down. Put some netting or screening over the opening of the container. In about 10 days (sometimes 7, sometimes 14 - don't get nervous) the butterfly will emerge from the chrysalis, You will see it fluttering around in the container. The wings will be very fragile, so please leave it in the container for about 12-24 hours. Once the wings are strong, take the container outside (as long as the temperature is above 55 degrees and it's not raining) and allow the butterfly to fly away! What a miracle!!!Painted Lady
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