• Welcome to Mrs.Lalos’ Counseling Corner!

    This is my fourteenth year as the School Counselor at Hickory Ridge and Towslee Elementary Schools and I’m looking forward to working with our students to help them reach their full academic and social potential. Under the "Guidance" and "Resources" tabs, you will find information on our counseling program, as well as information that may be helpful to your child and your family.

    What is included in our comprehensive School Counseling Program?
    The comprehensive program promotes student success, provides preventative services,and responds to identified student needs by addressing the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students through a variety of services:

    · Classroom Guidance Lessons are designed to reach all students in a meaningful way. Lessons are taught once a month in each classroom and address academic skills, character education, personal and social success, and future planning. For a complete list of topics being taught this year, please visit the “Counseling Services” section.

    · Individual Student Planning helps students to prepare and cope with life changes and transitions, define goals, understand themselves and others, and resolve conflicts. Student referrals may come from parents/guardians, staff, and students themselves. I see students individually anywhere from one time, to several weeks, depending on the topic and the student’s needs.

    · Responsive Services are provided to students with specific, immediate needs. These needs might include, but are not limited to, coping with a crisis or loss, adjusting to a new school, or dealing with a major change in family structure. Responsive services are provided through individual and small group counseling, as well as consultation and referrals to outside community professionals trained in mental health services and other specialties.

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