• Mrs. Michelle Miller

    8th Grade Science 
    Phone: 330-273-0488
    Email: mmiller@bcsoh.org

    Eighth Grade Science Course Syllabus & Information

    Mrs. Miller (mmiller@bcsoh.org)


    Course Standards:  

    Earth Science Standards:

    • The composition & properties of Earth’s interior are identified by the behavior of seismic waves.
    • Earth’s crust consists of major & minor tectonic plates that move relative to each other.
    • A combination of constructive & destructive geologic processes formed Earth’s surface.
    • Evidence of the dynamic changes of Earth’s surface though time is found in the geologic record.

    Physical Science Standards:

    • Forces between objects act when the objects are in direct contact or when they are not touching.  
    • Forces have magnitude & direction.
    • There are different types of potential energy.

    Life Science Standards:

    • Diversity of species occurs through gradual processes over many generations.  Fossil records provide evidence that changes have occurred in number and types of species.
    • Reproduction is necessary for the continuation of every species.
    • The characteristics of an organism are a result of inherited traits received from parent(s).

    Student Expectations:

    You will be expected to be ready for class on time every day, prepared with your science supplies, maintain an organized binder, complete homework on time and participate in daily activities.  

    • Be Prompt - please be in your seat and ready for class to begin when the bell rings.  Immediately after being seated, write down the I CAN statement for the day, take out homework assignments and gather any absent work you may have missed.
    • Be Prepared - You will be expected to have the following items with you for every class: Pencils, Colored Pencils, Loose Leaf Notebook Paper, Black/Blue/Red Ballpoint Pens, Ear Buds/ Headphones, Post-Its, Scissors, Glue Sticks, Expo Markers, Highlighters, Ruler and your BINDER.
    • Be Positive - we are all working towards the same goal….YOUR SUCCESS!
    • Be Productive - please work cooperatively, quietly and efficiently!
    • Be Polite - please respect everyone in the room (teachers, students, guest teachers, guest speakers, etc.)

    Science Binder:  

    Your 2’ binder with 5 divider tabs is required in class daily and is required to be organized.  This is where you will organize your notes, handouts, labs and assessments by the course standards listed above.  

    All work is expected to be turned in on time:

    Work Habits/Homework assignments are NOT accepted late.

    Mastery/Assessment assignments MAY be accepted after the due date (up to 5 days) with a penalty.

    Absent Work:

    You are responsible for making up absent work on time.  BCS policy states that 1 day absent = 1 make up day.  Your lab partner/group will prepare your missing work for you and will leave it in the absent folder by the door for when you return.

    Homework (10% grading policy):

    Homework is anything assigned in class and expected to be completed at home and returned.

    Quizzes/Tests/Projects/Labs (90% grading policy):

    There will be periodic quizzes and/or tests over each unit to ensure you are learning and mastering the required material.  Projects/Labs will also be used over the course of each nine-week period.  Dates will be available on Google Classroom and will be announced in advance.

    Google Classroom & Technology:

    Google classroom is a free resource that all Brunswick students have access to.  It is required that students access Google Classroom in order to complete class assignments and resources.  Technology in the classroom is only to be used to complete the task that is assigned.  Any use of technology not for educational purposes in class will result in disciplinary action.

    Students Must Do Their Own Work:

    Cheating/Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will be consequences according to the BCS student handbook.  A zero/no credit will be given to students who copy, cheat or plagiarize.  

    Pass Policy:

    You learn best when you are in class!  You will receive 2 passes at the beginning of each quarter to use as needed to go to the office, locker or restroom.  These tickets are good all year!

    After School Work Sessions (3:00-3:30/3:45):

    I am here to help!  After school work sessions will be available for students to attend one day a week.  This time will be used for additional help in Science such as completing an assignment, catching up on absent work, or to study for an upcoming test.