This year Brunswick has adopted a new common core math program through Pearson, which can be accessed at www.pearsonrealize.com.  Additionally, students will also be using a program called Math XL, which can be accessed at www.mathxlforschool.com.  Students will be given access codes and log information for their e-text book during class.  Note:  Students will NOT be receiving a hard copy of their book.  Homework will be assigned daily from the e-text and/ or Math XL.  Students who may not have access to internet at home should speak to Me to make arrangements at the beginning of the school year. 

    My Internet’s not working, how can I complete my homework?

    1.         BHS student center during or after school

    2.         Brunswick Public Library (open until 8:30pm most nights)

    3.         Math Lab during study halls

    4.        Get your homework done during free periods

    5.        Talk to Me for other arrangements

      ***Not having internet or internet outage is not a valid excuse for not completing your homework.  If you know this could impact you, please plan ahead! ***

    ***these policies are subject to change with advance notice due to the nature if the newness of the program***

    Mrs. Schaefer
    Room 96 
    Algebra II
  • The Chapter 1 Test will be on Monday! Please use this time to prepare for it! 

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  • We will be using www.pearsonrealize.com for our text book and homework. We will also use mathxlforschool for additional homework assignments.


    If you are in geometry, please make sure you have  notebook, pencils, compas, protractor and straightedge. 



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