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B.L.U.E (Building Literacy, Unity and Excellence)

Huntington is looking for volunteers to become mentors in our BLUE Leaders Program. As a reading mentor, your primary job is to be a coach and cheerleader giving positive feedback as the student learns. These students struggle with reading and need fluency and comprehension practice. You will be reading to and with your student, as well as facilitating skill review lessons, comprehension checks, and games. The daily lesson plan and all materials will be provided for you, matched to each student’s unique needs. Each session will be 30 minutes. We will begin tutoring first and third-grade students and will extend the opportunity to other grade levels. Your child does not need to be a first or third grader for you to volunteer as a reading mentor.


You may email Ms. Anderson (kindergarten teacher) at

Questions can be directed toward Ms. Anderson or Mr. Boodheshwar.

Interested in becoming a BLUE Leader? Click the image below for more information!
blue leader