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Link Crew


Link Cookie Cram
Freshmen: Study session to prepare for exams
December 12th (Publicity, Rooms 100-110)
December 13th (Rooms 100-110) 
December 14th (Rooms 100-110) 
All freshmen are invited to come and study for exams. Upper classmen will be available to offer help and advice for their exams. A light snack will be provided.
LINK For Others
Thank you to all of the students and staff that helped make LFO possible. Your contributions, donations, time and help have helped 20 families in our Brunswick community. Way to Go BHS!

What is LINK Crew?
LINK Crew is a freshman orientation program designed to make the transition from middle school to high school a little smoother. Freshmen attend orientation before school starts where they meet their LINK Leaders. The leaders then follow up with the freshmen throughout the year with activities, face-to-face contacts, academic lessons and letters. They offer school related assistance and set a positive example.
Students may apply to become a LINK Leader at the end of the sophomore or junior year. Approximately 110 students are chosen and experience training and guidance from their coordinators.
In addition to orientation here are some of the activities that leaders and/or freshmen may attend:
-Freshman Orientation
-Freshman Networking
-Themed Spirit Days
-Dodgeball Game
-Movie Night
-Spirit Cook-Outs
-LFO (Link For Others) - adopt families in need from the Brunswick community
-Cookie Cram - a tutoring session for freshmen held before exams
-Sports Assemblies for freshmen
-Academic and Behavior Rewards
-Mr. Blue Devil
-Freshman Farewell
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