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What is HUDDLE?

HUDDLE stands for Helping Us Develop Dedication, Leadership and Enthusiasm.  The program consists of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who, by acting as role models, present monthly lessons in pairs to fifth grade students.  These lessons present alternatives to alcohol and other drug use, help them say no to peer pressure, learn cooperation skills, and become better listeners.  The HUDDLE leaders prepare and present the lessons to the same class throughout the year.  The HUDDLE leaders receive feedback from the elementary classroom teacher after each lesson.

 How are HUDDLE students selected?

Students submit an application, and finalists are then interviewed by senior HUDDLE members and advisors. STUDENTS MUST BE TOBACCO, ALCOHOL, AND OTHER DRUG-FREE IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE HUDDLE PROGRAM.

 What is expected of HUDDLE members?

·  Students must be alcohol and other drug free, and sign a contract with their parents and the HUDDLE advisor that they will remain so.

· Students must attend a mandatory 1 day of training prior to the presentation of their HUDDLE lessons in their assigned elementary school.

·   Students must present, with their partner, one HUDDLE lesson as scheduled each month.

·  Students must be a presenter in the one-day peer leadership program that will be presented in their HUDDLE elementary school.

 Application process- March 2012   for the 2012-2013 School Year

 Interviews- April-May 2012

 Program runs September-May 2012-2013


Contact Kathy Fulkerson at with questions.