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Discovery Education Presentation


The Brunswick Board of Education recently approved a partnership with Discovery Education. A partnership with Discovery Education enables the district to provide instructional content to students digitally, while expanding engagement opportunities within the classroom. Discovery Education offers a full range of resources for K-12 students including “Techbooks” and streaming digital media.

techbook Available in the subject areas of math, science and social studies, the Discovery Education Techbook replaces traditional hard copy textbooks in the classroom. The Techbook includes interactive elements such as videos, sound clips and animated problems that appeal to different learning styles. The text component allows students to highlight important information and make notes just like they would with a print textbook.

Streaming digital media is where students can become creative and connect the content to the real world. Students can dig deeper into the lesson by accessing a full library of multimedia resources such as digital field trips, virtual labs, writing prompts, and graphic organizers. Each student would have a personalized dashboard where they can save content or create their own. Using what they have learned, students can make their own virtual project board to show their thinking and understanding of a specific concept or topic. Students can share their boards with the teacher or present them to their classmates.  The streaming is cross-curricular meaning the content can be applied to multiple subject areas.

Moving towards digital content helps students learn 21st century skills allowing them to interact and apply the content to real life situations. Having 21st century skills provides our students an advantage when competing with others throughout the nation and the world.  Unlike traditional textbooks, the content is constantly updated, making them timely with current events.

Discovery Education ties in with the district’s one to one initiative. Students would be able to access the Techbook and other digital resources using Chromebooks, tablets and even a smartphone. Discovery Education offers a free Techbook app that allows users to download the Techbook, making it accessible regardless of internet access.

With these digital tools, teachers are able to personalize learning for each student. The Techbook settings can be adjusted to the appropriate reading level of the student and can be translated to several different languages. Students can choose to read the text themselves, or have the text read out loud. Teachers can customize assessments and would have access to live data to track student achievement. Discovery Education also provides an extensive professional development piece that supports teachers and assists them in using these resources in the classroom.

Discovery Education reaches 50 percent of U.S. schools and over 35 million students. Discovery Education is part of Discovery Communications, the leading non-fiction media company in the world. Discovery Communications also owns the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and a multitude of other network channels both nationally and internationally.

The full presentation from the BOE work session can be found here. 

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