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The Mobile Dentist is Coming to Brunswick

The mobile dentist is coming to Brunswick during the month of January. Through this program, a state licensed dentist can check the student's mouth and teeth and provide treatment where needed. A dental report card will also be sent home with the child. This program is available to anyone who would like to participate. Parents must sign up and complete the consent form online as soon as possible. The form can be found at .

Applewood January 8 and January 9

BHS- January 9

Crestview - January 10

Hickory Ridge - January 11

Huntington - January 14 & January 15

Kidder - January 11

Memorial - January 14 & January 15

Towslee - January 22 & January 23

Edwards - January 11

Visintainer - January 23

Willetts - January 9