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Issue 8 - Emergency Operating Levy Information

levy fact sheet 1


Cost to Homeowners

- Cost per $100,000 home is $16 a month.

- Issue 8 will generate $6.1 million a year for a period of 10 years.

- The collection will begin in 2020.

- Issue 8 equates to eight percent of the district's overall budget.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the district need additional operating dollars? The last time the district passed a new operating levy was in 2006. As a result, the district has responsibly managed for 13 years without additional operating dollars. Since 2006, operational costs have increased by 22.4%.


How will the money generated by Issue 8 be spent? The money generated by Issue 8 will be spent on the general operations of the district. Below is the breakdown of expenses for the fiscal year 2019. Money generated by Issue 8 will be consistent with this breakdown. 

expense graphic


Didn't the district just pass a new levy in 2017? Brunswick City Schools passed a bond issue in 2017 to build a new middle school. Funds from the bond issue, in conjunction with monies from the State of Ohio, can only be used for the middle school construction project. Issue 8 will support the general operations of the district to maintain excellent programming and a variety of opportunities for students.


I thought the district was going to be saving money as a result of the new middle school project? Yes! There are several ways the district will save money as a result of the middle school construction project. Those cost-saving measures were taken into consideration when determining the dollar amount needed for Issue 8.


I keep hearing that property values in our district are going up. Shouldn't this mean the district is collecting more revenue? HB920, which is a law that was passed in 1976, offers relief to taxpayers by restricting much of the growth in property tax revenue from inflation. Voted property tax revenues do not rise with inflation, the amount the school district collects does not grow over the years with inflation. Example: A 5.5-mill levy will generate approximately $6.1 million annually for BCSD; regardless of what happens to property values in the future, the district will not be able to collect more than this amount from the emergency levy.


Can’t the district use the sales tax money? Sales tax money must be used for capital projects such as elementary additions, stadium renovations, and instructional technology. Sales tax money cannot be used for the general operations of the district.


What about the lottery money? The increase in lottery funds did not provide a great benefit to Brunswick City Schools. When the funds from the Ohio Lottery increased, the State of Ohio decreased the general revenue funds that were allocated to the education budget. The image below shows how the increase in lottery funds really offset the reduction in general revenue funds.



I don’t have kids in the school district/we will be moving soon. Why should I vote for Issue 8? Strong schools benefit everyone in the community. The operating levy will protect property values in Brunswick. For most residents, the home is the largest investment. The school district is one of the top factors when people decide where to live. Homeowners who live in a community with strong schools have a big advantage when they go to sell their home.


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