SCHEDULE CHANGE POLICY 2020 - 2021 School Year
The last day for students to change or add courses to the student's schedule for the following school year is May 29, 2020.  Course additions and level changes after this date are not permitted since a student's schedule is the result of careful planning by the student, counselor, teachers, and parents. Critical staffing decisions are based on student course selections. Course additions/changes by this date are subject to availability and class size limits. The guidance department will consider course changes and additions after May 29, 2020, for the following reasons only:
1.   Computer/Mechanical error changes.
2.   Changes to meet graduation requirements for seniors.
3.   Changes necessitated by failures.
4.   Course level change due to academic misplacement (regular, honors,
      and Advanced Placement) with teacher input and parent permission.   
      Students are not permitted to drop an Honors or Advanced Placement
      course because summer requirements were not completed. 
Course Withdrawals Next School Year: Parent permission is required to drop a class. Phone calls or emails from students or parents cannot substitute for a completed schedule change form. Students may drop an elective year-long and semester one course without penalty by September 28, 2020.  Students may drop an elective semester two course without penalty by February 12, 2021. A student may withdraw from an elective class within this two-week time period without penalty, providing the student's course load does not fall below 5 classes each semester and 5 credits for the year and the course is not required for graduation.  If a course is dropped after these posted dates, a grade of "F" will be recorded for the class.  Students dropping courses will be placed in a study hall.

The faculty and guidance department reserve the right to make decisions in scheduling which are both educationally sound and in the best interest of the student.